Fujifilm Booth 2829

Fujifilm Booth 2829

Gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art endoscopic technologies guided by our experts.

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See why more endoscopists are looking to Fujifilm to advance their practice.

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Fujifilm Booth 2829

Fujifilm Booth

Gain hands-on experience with Fujifilm endoscopic innovations.

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Featured Speaker Presentations in Booth 2829

AI for Polyp Detection

Innovating with AI to advance polyp detection.

It's time to rethink what's possible when it comes to elevating performance and quality in colonoscopy. Fujifilm is expanding the ELUXEO® LED Multi-Light Imaging system with CAD EYE®, SCALE EYE®, and G-EYE® to deliver an unmatched set of innovative solutions to enhance polyp detection, all on one scalable future ready platform.

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Fujifilm: Top Polyp Detector

Get hands on with CAD EYE, SCALE EYE & G-EYE® during DDW and take the Top Polyp Detector Challenge!

Use this innovative technology to see if you can find every polyp in Fujifilm's state-of-the-art colon model and get your name on the leaderboard.

Fujifilm EUS Innovations

Advancing EUS with the Arietta 850 and 700 Series Linear Scope.

The most trusted name in EUS image clarity is now from Fujifilm.

The FUJIFILM Arietta 850 is the premium endoscopic ultrasound processor, providing endoscopists with greater depth of information to allow for precise decision-making.

Equipped with Fujifilm's ultrasonic transmission and reception "eFocusing" technology and "Carving Imaging" image processing technology, the FUJIFILM Arietta 850 makes it possible to render clear ultrasound images from superficial to the deepest layers of the abdomen.

With enhanced detailed observation, the FUJIFILM Arietta 850 also provides an extensive variety of imaging modalities, such as Real-time Tissue Elastography and Shear Wave Measurement. Come see it in action at Booth 2829!

The 700 Series EUS Scope: Fully compatible with the Arietta 850, taking image clarity to new levels.

The FUJIFILM EG-740UT curved linear EUS scope works with both the Arietta 850 and SU-1 Platinum EUS processors to empower increased visualization and stable puncture, all with an ample puncture range and 4.0 working channel to accommodate larger caliber devices and double guidewire techniques.

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Arietta 850 and 700 Series Scope
Fujifilm Single Use Device Innovations

TRACMOTION: Simplifying ESD. Advancing Endoscopy.

Fujifilm's innovative TRACMOTION device enables easy grasping and re-grasping of large lesions during ESD procedures, simplifying the lesion extraction process, and offering the potential to reduce procedure time. TRACMOTION is catching the attention of advanced endoscopists across the country, with dozens of physicians and fellows alike training on TRACMOTION to develop their skills in performing ESD.

What sets TRACMOTION apart from other methods?

  • 360° rotation
  • Ability to grasp & re-grasp tissue
  • Precise movement in channel, independent of an endoscope's movement
  • No locking mechanisms needed
  • Single operator capability
  • Simple, intuitive, single-hand movements
  • Potential for easier, faster procedures with better visualization

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Fujifilm Therapeutic Innovations

Fujifilm 700 Series Dual Channel Endoscope: The only dual channel scope FDA cleared for both upper & lower GI applications.

For advanced endoscopy procedures and techniques, visit booth 2829 to test drive the FUJIFILM EI-740D/S Dual channel endoscope — delivering unparalleled image clarity and capability to ESD, POEM, ESG, and other advanced endoscopic procedures and techniques. Along with ample working channels, this state-of-the-art dual channel scope empowers enhanced detection with LCI and BLI light modes, and boasts a 210° upward angulation to retroflex in areas that are difficult to approach.

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FUJIFILM EI-740D/S Dual channel endoscope
Double Balloon Enteroscopy

Double Balloon Enteroscopy: Fujifilm DBE scope solutions are the gold standard in non-invasive small bowel diagnostics & therapeutics.

With both short and long lengths to choose from to conduct a variety of procedures, Fujifilm double balloon endoscopes provide innovation that helps unlock access to the small bowel for diagnosis and treatment of GI bleeds, IBD, Crohn's Disease, and more, as well as overcome challenges inherent in navigating through tortuous anatomy to pleat the intestine and provide access to altered anatomy.

Get in on the action of learning the unique push/pull technique for DBE scope advancement and small bowel exploration.

Visit Fujifilm at Booth 2829!

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Fujifilm EI-580BT Short Double Balloon Endoscope

ELUXEO Vision for Advanced Endoscopy: Real-time visualization of tissue perfusion to enhance decision-making in your endoscopy suite.

Eliminate the need for injectable dyes for a variety of endoluminal and laparoscopic procedures. ELUXEO Vision provides real-time tissue oxygen saturation (StO2) imaging technology that empowers physicians to gain clear and accurate assessment and measurement of patient tissue oxygenation in newly connected tissue — at the touch of a button.

Fujifilm's ELUXEO Vision is the only real-time oxygen saturation imaging solution for use with both flexible endoscopes and rigid laparoscopes, enabling intra-operative endoscopic capabilities so that endoluminal and MIS surgeons can work together from a single tower.

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ELUXEO Vision tower
FDR Cross logo

Hybrid Fluoroscopy & Mobile X-ray imaging in one.

Fujifilm's FDR Cross is an ideal endoscopic workflow solution for high-quality fluoroscopy during ERCP.

This innovative portable imaging innovation from Fujifilm, the FDR Cross, is a hybrid C-arm and portable x-ray solution designed to speed and simplify image-guided procedures.

  • Flexible: built for hospitals & ambulatory surgery centers.
  • Dual-function: first of its kind to offer portable fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging on a single platform.
  • Enhanced Safety: battery powered, cord-free system with antibacterial coating enhances infection controls and eliminates trip hazards.

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FDR Cross
NEW! Hepatology

Solutions for Hepatology

Advancing Liver Care with the Fujifilm Arietta 750DI.

The FUJIFILM ARIETTA 750DI features DeepInsight technology that enables quick, non-invasive evaluation of liver health. On display for demonstration during DDW in Booth 2829, this versatile ultrasonic processor includes:

  • Shearwave Measurement: Simple, one-button measurement of liver stiffness to assess and monitor fibrosis
  • iATT Measurement: Simultaneous capture of attenuation coefficient reflecting steatosis
Arietta 750DI
Fujifilm Innovation Video


Fujifilm Innovation Timeline


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